Window Tinting

Dent Craft Window Tint Services

Dent Craft uses a Graphtec FC8600 computerized film cutting system for digitally imaging and cutting patterns for window tinting glass and auto paint protection films.  Having a plotter allows us to not have to cut the film by hand.  It also allows us to get your installation done faster than doing it by hand.  

Reasons to tint your vehicles windows:

~Block Dangerous UV Rays with UV protection film

~Reduce Heat and Glare

~Protect Your Car's Paint

~Customize Your Ride

Please try out the online vehicle tinting tool below to see how your vehicle will look.

Dent Craft also does residential window tint installation.   Windows are wonderful for letting in natural sunlight and views. But when they’re not right for their location, they bring you discomfort instead of pleasure. Fortunately, professionally installed residential window film makes this simple to correct. So if you’re feeling at all uncomfortable or dissatisfied at home, look at your windows. Then look for the right film to fix what’s bothering you: the hot spots in a room, a too-vulnerable feeling, the cost of cooling, or even the afternoon glare on your TV.  Also protect your home with LLumar window tint which helps keep your interior and loved ones safe from harmful UV rays. 

Dent Craft produces and installs a large variety of custom vinyl signs for any industry and any occasion. Our sign products are excellent advertising and communication tools that send strong marketing messages.   

Window Tinting